Welcome to the one stop shop providing you seamless access to academic resources, forms, policies, etc. Our goal is to provide faculty with all the resources and information to develop and explore new modes of teaching and to bring new technologies to bear on difficult instructional problems.

WVU iDesign

WVU iDesign is dedicated to supporting West Virginia University faculty in the development of online instructional materials. iDesign provides instructors the tools and guidance needed to create or enhance the quality of online teaching and learning at WVU. The mission of iDesign is to enable the University to achieve its goals of providing a student-centered, technology-enhanced educational experience for all students.

iDesign Services

iDesign areas of expertise include (but not limited to):

  • Instructional Design – needs analysis, defining objectives, determining appropriate strategies
  • Information Architecture – structure, labeling, navigation issues
  • Interface Design – Usability issues, consistency, communication
  • Technology Integration – assessment, evaluation of technology effectiveness

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WVU eCampus

WVU eCampus is the course management system (CMS) used at WVU to deliver online courses. eCampus permits faculty to deliver the highest quality educational experience to students and enhances the quality of teaching and learning. It makes course preparation and management more efficient for faculty and provides data export and reporting features.

  • Using a standard web browser, WVU eCampus provides instructors and students with access to online course materials from anywhere at anytime.
  • WVU eCampus is integrated with Banner (WVU student information system) so that student registrations automatically flow from Banner to eCampus granting students access to their online courses.
  • When developing a course, development is to take place on the development server. Once development has been completed, the request to move the course ( to the production or live server can be completed.
eRS system

Request a shell to develop a course

  • Go to the ERS Login Page
  • Select the link New Development Shell at the bottom of the page.
eCampus Logo

Login into eCampus

eRS system
  • Once you have completed course development and are ready to move your course to production (live course for current term). Go to the ERS Login Page.
  • Click on the course in which you want to have the content copied (it will be listed under the semester in which you are teaching).
  • Select request content and follow the steps.

Quality Matters

Quality Matters

West Virginia University had adopted Quality Matters as the standard for online courses. The Quality Matters program is a faculty-centered, peer review process to certify the quality of online courses and online components. QM is a nationally recognized leader in quality assurance for online education.

Tips for Teaching Online

Teaching an online course can be very different than teaching a traditional course. Most often, pedagogical changes must occur to make the online teaching/learning experience a positive one. Chickering and Gamson (1991) provide seven principles for good teaching practice that apply to both traditional in-class instruction and online instruction. The principles can serve as a guide while developing materials and learning exercises.


Tips for Teaching Online

Best Practices

There are a number of best practices that can be deployed to enhance teaching and learning. Visit the web guide to review recommended best practices which have been divided into sections for ease in navigation.


Best Practices