Office of the University Registrar

Courses offered through WVU Online follow the same dates/deadlines as Office of the University Registrar. You can view the Office of the University Registrar calendar here:



Children on Campus Cross List Information

Cross-Listing and Linking Courses


For questions about cross-listing, please send to scheduling@mail.wvu.edu.

D-F Repeat Policy

WVU has a D/F repeat policy for undergraduate students who have not received their initial baccalaureate degree. Review the policy at the WVU Registrar site to determine if you are eligible to repeat a course.


D-F Repeat Policy

Departmental Approval Procedure

If you are teaching a course that requires students obtain departmental approval in order to register, please review the policy in order to follow the proper procedures.


Departmental Approval Procedure

Dropping a Class

Students may drop individual courses. Visit the Office of the Registrar's website to review the procedures for dropping individual courses.


Dropping a Class

Grade Entry

Final grades are to be entered into STAR by noon the Monday following the end of the term. Visit the Office of the Registrar's website for instructions on entering grades.


Grade Entry

Grade Appeal

Policies and procedures relating to appeals of academic penalties shall be governed by due process under 6.3 at University Policies.


University Policies

Intellectual Property: Sale of Course Materials Prohibited

Students must be notified that selling faculty-authored course materials is prohibited at West Virginia University. Those who engage in it will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct for adjudication under the Campus Student Code. Of equal import, students must be notified that no vendor has been approved or authorized by the University to solicit sales of this type and that they should report solicitation attempts to the Provost’s Office.


In an effort to protect course materials, faculty are encouraged to place a notice on course syllabi or in other relevant locations, as follows:


"All course materials, including lectures, class notes, quizzes, exams, handouts, presentations, and other materials provided to students for this course are protected intellectual property. As such, the unauthorized purchase or sale of these materials may result in disciplinary sanctions under the Campus Student Code."

Refund Policy

The refund schedule, determined by the Higher Education Policy Commission, is available on the WVU Student Accounts website.


Refund Schedule


WVU Online Registration Procedure


Students begin registering for their WVU Online courses according to the pre-registration deadlines established by the WVU Office of the University Registrar (OUR).


Courses requiring approval will be designated with instructions to contact WVU Online via phone. Review the departmental approval procedure at http://online.wvu.edu/About/Policies to be sure approvals are processed properly.


WVU Online processes approvals according to deadlines established by the WVU Office of the University Registrar. Late registration approval is required from the Assistant or Associate Dean of the student’s college in order to process their registration.


Students with account holds cannot be processed under any circumstances. Students must contact the office who placed the hold on their account and have it lifted prior to registration being processed.


Students pay their account via STAR. Full payment is due for the Summer session and the Fall and Spring semesters offer a 60%/40% payment schedule. Specific dates can be found by visiting the Office of Student Accounts on the web at http://studentaccounts.wvu.edu/.

Withdrawal From All Classes For The Current Term

If you are considering an academic withdrawal from the current term, please discuss your situation with your academic advisor. Visit the Office of the Registrar's website to view the procedure for withdrawing from all courses for the current term.


Withdrawal Policies

WVU eCampus

WVU eCampus has academic and procedural policies and procedures in place to better serve faculty and students.


WVU eCampus Policies


New Program Policies

Institutional policies are in place for new degree and certificates programs.

Approval Process for Degree Programs, Majors, Minors, Certificate Programs, etc. Graduate Certificate Policy Academic Certificate Matriculation and Award Policy Guidelines for Electronically Delivered Programs

Standards are in place for the development of new online degree and certificates programs.


EDP Checklist

Standards for Non-credit Programming

Standards are in place for the development of non-credit courses.


Non-Credit Course Standards

Revenue Model

West Virginia University currently offers two entrepreneurial models to its schools and colleges. Although these models differ in scope and practice, the goals are similar.


Continuing Education Financial Models