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The School of Public Health offers the online Master of Public Health Practice (MPH) degree to enable health care professionals to enhance their skills in developing, implementing and evaluating programs that have an impact on the health of the public.

Students in the online MPH program in Public Health Practice will complete a total of 44 credit hours (16 credit hours of School of Public Health core courses, 2 credit hours of Seminar, 17 credit hours of departmental required courses and 9 credit hours of elective courses). The culminating experience taken over the last 2 semesters requires completing a proposal (2 credit hours), implementing a practicum project (3 credit hours) and submitting a paper and poster. This degree will typically take 4 semesters to complete.

The MPH in Public Health Practice curriculum couples exposure to the core public health competencies with an emphasis on methodological coursework to expand skill sets so that professionals can continue to make significant contributions to public health and health care. In combination, these courses provide students with problem-solving skills to translate theory and evidence into effective, multilevel strategies to improve population health and reduce disparities. An implicit assumption of the MPH in Public Health Practice program is that strategies based on theory are most likely to be effective in improving population health and reducing disparities. The target competencies of this track include the ability to:

  1. Improve methodological skills that result in enhanced program planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts in public health practice.
  2. Enhance skills in utilizing basic quantitative and qualitative research designs used in public health.
  3. Apply behavioral and social science theories and concepts used in planning and evaluating public health programs.
  4. Address the personal, social, economic and environmental determinants of health in designing multi-component interventions to resolve population health issues.
  5. Comprehend the importance of eliminating health disparities and unequal power differentials.

A student who graduates with an MPH in Public Health Practice from West Virginia University will be qualified to work and serve in leadership roles in public health and health care settings at national, state or local levels, or work in the public or private sector on health promotion program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

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International students will not be eligible for an I-20 student visa form from West Virginia University for this program.

State laws regarding distance education vary from state-to-state. Residents of other states can check the state authorization page to see if there are approvals for their enrollment at West Virginia University.

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