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Basic Info

Basic Course Information

Instructor Information


Course Pre or Co Requisites

Course Description

Official course catalog description should go here.

Other Details

Expected Learning Outcomes

List overall course learning outcomes here. Visit for guidance on learning outcomes.

Course Resources

List textbooks, journal articles, software, websites, etc.


Tentative Course Schedule

Week, Module, Unit TitleStart/End Date (Due Date) Lectures & assigned ReadingsAssignments & Assessments Due



Course Grading Scale

Late Assignments

Adapt to meet the college/department/program policy.

Policies - Standard

WVU Course Policies/Statement

WVU statements are optional. If you include them (noted with an asterisk) on your syllabus, you MUST use the WVU Faculty Senate approved version. Exceptions would include approved school/college, departmental or program statements. Faculty can link directly to the policies on the Faculty Senate website to avoid use of outdated or incorrect language.

Policies - Adapt

Policies to be adapted

Information below may be adapted to meet your needs, based on course and method of instruction (online, lecture, lab, etc. ), but this is a required component for online courses to meet Quality Matters.