The online course review process at West Virginia University is an institutional review process conducted by a team of certified peer reviewers utilizing the Quality Matters (QM™) course review system. The course review process involves a team of three trained, certified peer reviewers who are all experienced in online education. Reviewers consist of faculty members, instructional designers and administrators with experience in designing and delivering online courses. All online courses that enroll students from outside West Virginia must adhere to the QM Review process for participation in Southern Regional Electronic Campus and State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

Course Review

  1. When a course is ready to go through a Quality Matters review, please complete the QM Request Form.
  2. Once the course review form has been submitted, the QM™ Coordinator will send the faculty member instructions to complete the course representative worksheet.
  3. The QM™ Coordinator will review the worksheet and approve it if complete. If information is missing, the worksheet will be returned to the faculty member for modification.
  4. The QM™ Coordinator will initiate the QM™ review application and send an email notification that reviewers are assigned to the course.
  5. Once the review team receives course access and the course representative worksheet, course reviews generally take 4 - 6 weeks to complete.
  6. The Review Chair will notify the QM™ Coordinator when the review has been completed.

Post Review

  1. Faculty will receive an email from the QM™ Coordinator when your course review has been completed and instructions on how to access the review report.
  2. Faculty must complete the faculty response form indicating acceptance of the review results. The review will not be completed and closed until this form is submitted.
  3. Once the faculty response form has been completed, the WVU Online office will provide faculty with an e-mail certifying the course met QM standards. A course that met QM standards is good for 3-5 years. If the course undergoes major revision, the short time frame is used.
  4. If a course doesn’t meet the essential standards and earn at least 84, points an amendment form is required.
  5. Courses that do not meet the essential standards and earn at least 84 points on the QM rubric may be revised and resubmitted within the designated time period.
  6. The QM Coordinator will notify the faculty member of the date the amendment is due.
  7. Once the revisions have been made, the faculty member must complete the online amendment form to describe the revisions.
  8. The Review Chair reviews and approves changes to the course and adjusts the QM score as appropriate.
  9. Resubmission must occur no later than 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the class will be offered.
  10. Classes that don't resubmit for review within 3 calendar months from delivery of the original review report will be subject to a full peer review upon re-submission.

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