There are many factors that play a part in a quality learning experience for students, but QM focuses mostly on course design.

Quality Matters course reviews are designed for courses that have been taught at least two times in an online or hybrid delivery so reviewers can see all components.

In order to meet Quality Matters review expectations using the Fifth Edition, 2014 QM Rubric, a course must meet each of the 21 essential standards (standards valued at 3 points). In addition, the course must receive a minimum of 84 (out of 99) points.

When preparing your course for QM review be sure to examine the resources provided.

Pre-Review Process

  1. Read through the course review process.
  2. Review the QM Higher Education Rubric.
  3. QM™ encourages faculty to complete a self-review of his/her course prior to submitting for QM™ review. You can access this form by going to
    • MyQM Login
      • If you don’t have an account, select “No, I am new here under MyQM password.”
    • Select the Higher Education Tab
    • Select CRMS Course Review Management System
    • Select Start a Self-Review

You can also watch this quick tutorial on how to start a self-review application.


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